June 6, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: June 6th


Here we go! The first week of Summer Break. Those last few weeks of school dragged and Im hoping the next 2 months do the same thing. The boys spent the weekend at Grandma and Grandpas and I missed them terribly. I think with Anthony going to middle school I am feeling that need to hold on tight and enjoy my time with him before he is sucked into the "my mom is embarrassing" black hole. Maybe he will just skip that phase? A mom can dream...

I am determined to get Summer off on the right foot. And to do so, I realized that I need to stop being a perfectionist and stop trying to lock life into a schedule. True story, I love lists and planning. Another true story, I suck at lists and planning. Therefore I often end up letting myself down. So Im throwing it all out.  I have a list of things I plan to make for dinner. Main courses only. We always have a ton of sides and veggies in the house so I will just throw together what sounds good that day. And Im also not planning certain meals to certain days. I may be taking this to far.  Suddenly I miss my lists. Im kidding. Lists are out!

Here's what I have so far.

Roast Chicken. Whole chickens were on sale, so I have 2. One I will roast whole and the other, well, Im not sure yet. But the other one will be roasted.  This recipe from Plating and Paring looks Ah-mazing. Leftovers will be turned into chicken salads for lunch the next day.

Fish Fry. I also found this recipe for Pan Fried Swai on Pinterest yesterday and though, why not. Its fried, and we are trying not to fry much, but there is zero red meat this week so this will be our guilty meal of the week.

Baked Pork Chops. Baked chops are always a good mid week meal. Not to heavy but hearty.  $100 says the boys will ask for macaroni and cheese with it. I don't know why but they love mac with pork. Still not sure if I will go with Parmesan Baked or something more like this Herbed Pork Chops with Garlic Butter.

Im still missing one meal, but Ill figure that out along the way. One night is for leftovers. There are always leftovers. Unless we have company. Which lately has been one or two times a week lately. I don't mind one bit. The boys love having friends over for dinner and everything gets eaten.  Win win!

Question of the Day:  

What is your favorite Summer Dinner?  Mine would be Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with macaroni salad and corn on the cob.  Partly because it reminds me of home and partly because I just love to BBQ. And don't forget the S,mores for desert!

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