June 27, 2016

Menu Plan Monday; June 27th

Keeping it quick today.  To be honest, I am pretty much done fore the day.  I pretty much picked a few things that I know the boys will like and that were easy.  So not a lot of healthy stuff this week.  I can barely handle food at all so, I figured Id make things they like.  Davids on his way home and I am going to get dinner done and lay down.  My menu is just about as boring as my resting plans too.

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Monday:  Hot dogs.  I know.  Its a Monday and Im not grilling, but the boys wanted hot dogs.  I will be enjoying my shake while they enjoy this.

Tuesday:  Fried Chicken.  And I just realized I forgot to buy oil.  So maybe baked chicken instead.  Works for me.

Wednesday:  Moms day off.  Leftovers

Thursday:  Spaghetti.  Why do they always want spaghetti?

Friday:  Parmesan Swai and rice.  Probably the only thing I am looking forward to this week.  And Im not making it until Friday as a reward for getting though the week.

I have been writing up a post about how I am feeling and trying to explain it, but its hard to make sense sometimes.  I have been real short on here and not sharing much of what I intend to because its hard to get the words out right.  Its even harder to explain myself in real life. But, I will share it as soon as I can get my thoughts straight enough to finish it.  

This week my goal is to get to Friday. And to not let the boys run the house down.  And to make dinner.  Im not sure I even want to leave the house.  We will see.

How was everyones weekend?  Who's got big plans for the 4th?  

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