June 23, 2016

Instagram Love: Shark Week!!

When David first talked about cutting cable, Im not gonna lie, one of the first things to go through my head was "What about Shark Week?"  Thankfully, he didn't cut us off cold turkey and we are still able to watch! Thanks Babe!

Its no secret that I grew up on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I love the ocean and everything in it.  Sea Turtles stole my heart the very first time I found one washed up on the rocks. We took it home and nursed it back to health and set if free.  It was the first of many!  A dolphin beached itself and the whole island came out to take turns holding it in the water and making sure it was taken care of before setting it free. Did that a few times to. Saw hundreds of different fish species, rays, starfish, even sea snakes and eels. Want to know what I hardly ever saw?  Sharks!

In my whole life living on the island, there was a grand total of ONE shark bite.  And I say bite, because he admitted to harassing the shark before it bit him.  I can count my shark encounters on one hand. Maybe 2 if you count the few big ones that were caught while fishing.

Was it scary swimming in that ocean knowing there were sharks in the water?  Sure, but it never stopped us. And it wasn't the beaches that were scary, it was the deep blue that really had my heart pumping.  But even after getting pushed off a speeding boat, in the shark filled Bigej Pass (think deep blue water with big waves), I didn't even think about sharks until I was back on the boat.  Mostly I was just praying they actually turned around.  Island kids...can't trust em.  Kidding. Sorta.

Anyways.  Back to Shark Week.  It starts on Sunday and I am so excited.  I love the ocean.  I love the real beach.  And I love sharks.  You know what else I love?  Instagram.  So here are 5 shark loving Instagrams that I love to follow.  


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Are there Sharks near you?

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Simply Sharks
So many sharks!

I photograph Sharks
Holy Great Whites!

Where it all started.  28 years ago!

When I was a kid I remember coming to the mainland on summer vacation and praying we were still stateside during Shark Week! Then when I would get back to the island I would swim out to the ropes at the beach and just stare out into the blue and hope to catch a glimpse.  The closest I ever came to a live shark in the water, was when a baby black tip bumped into my leg while we were swimming. Saw one or two off the jetty and a few on boat trips. When I left home I moved to Florida and there were 15+ shark attacks just that Summer!  Insane!

Swimming with sharks is on my bucket list.  I mean intentional swimming.  Not quite sure I could do a cage with a Great White, but Whale Sharks maybe?

Got a shark story?  I would love to hear it.  Anyone else watching Shark Week this week?

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