June 24, 2016

10 Things that made me happy this week

10things spring
  1. Swimming.  Even if its just a pool.
  2. Taking the boys to the park.
  3. Breakfast with my boys.
  4. Morning cleaning sessions.
  5. Finishing Hear of Dixie on Netflix
  6. Getting regular solid sleep!  
  7. Bob Marley station on Pandora
  8. Meeting a new dog I will be sitting.
  9. Fresh homemade bread.
  10. Medication. My brain is working-ish again!
I'm so glad its the weekend already.  Life is always easier on the weekends.  Or will be once I get the backyard mowed and cleaned up so we can have some fun out back.  Saturday is the Great American Campout.  So the boys and I will be sleeping out back, enjoying some BBQ and all around trouble fun. We also have a First Birthday Luau earlier that day.  So it looks like Sunday will be a day full of relaxing!

Whats everyone got going on this weekend?  Anyone doing anything fun? 

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