May 12, 2016

Show your #TexasPride with Purex Fresh Bluebonnet. {GIVEAWAY} #AD

The Purex® brand provided me with a sample of Purex® Fresh Bluebonnet detergent in exchange for a product review. However all the opinions expressed here are my own

When we moved to Texas my first thought was that everything so dry and dull.  We moved from Florida where everything was green and lush. And I grew up on a tropical island.  It was a big change of scenery for us. To be honest it was one of the hardest times in my life.  A big new State, no family, I missed my islands even more.  I think the adjustment to Florida was smoother because besides for Hawaii, it was the next best thing. But Texas is the complete opposite of what I was used to.

And then Spring came and suddenly these blue patches of flowers were exploding along the highway. Everywhere we went, they were popping up.  I kept seeing people pulled over on the side of the road taking pictures.  At first I was so confused, but once they were in full bloom, I was blown away.  A friend once told me that her favorite part of living in Texas was drives during the spring.  Now I know why.

Since then, every year I look forward to Spring and all the beauty that comes with it.  And all the stopped cars along the side of the highway no longer phase me!  I prefer to find the patches that are not on major highways.  There used to be a patch close to the house.  Last year we found a great one, in a friends community.  No wonder its the state flower!  One bluebonnet is pretty, a whole field, is just breathtaking.

Texas Flowers

This year's Bluebonnets have come and gone.  Why can't they stay longer?  A few weeks is simply not long enough!

But thanks to Purex and HEB, for a limited time, you can show your Texas Pride and tackle your Texas sized laundry piles (yall have those too right?) with the new Purex Fresh Bluebonnet Detergent.

Texas Pride

Because it's a Texas thing, you know the bottle is big.  At 150 oz you should be able to get 100 loads done.  I think what I loved most about this detergent is it doesn't have a over "flowery" scent.  It's just the right mix of floral and clean. And after a day of running around and exploring another park, its Dirt Lift Action took care of the grass stains on a pair of jeans and left our laundry smelling great!

You know how I'm always saying Texas celebrates EVERYTHING!  You guessed it!  There is a Bluebonnet Festival  and even a Bluebonnet Sighting Facebook Page.  During the month of April you can visit Ennis Texas and drive 40 miles though the Bluebonnet Trails.

If you are not in Texas but want to keep up with Purex or check out what other products, promotions and other things they have going on, be sure to check them out below!

If you DO live in Texas and want to show your Texas Pride, you are in luck.  I am giving away coupons to 3 lucky winners.  You will be able to try the Texas sized limited Purex Fresh Bluebonnet Detergent for free.  Enter below.

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