May 2, 2016

Menu Plan Monday May 2nd

Well the day is pretty much over and I'm just now getting to my menu.  I totally slacked today.  But after last week, I think I earned it.  Thankfully the boys are back to school and, I was able to rest today.  And now it's 9pm and I am literally nodding off.  You know where one minute you are reading something and the next thing you know, your arms are jumping up in the air and your head bounces back up and you look around to see if anyone saw that!  Yeah, that's me right now. But I got a game to watch.  GO SPURS GO!

So, I'm going to just cut straight to the menu, which is pretty much only half done. Here is the plan.

Monday:  Chicken Parmesan Skillet.

Tuesday:  Mongolian Beef and friend rice

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  Lemon herb salmon ( didn't make it last week)

Friday: TBD.  I have no idea what we are having yet.

To do list for the week
  • Get rid of one big bag of the boys stuff.  
  • Love on Duncan more before he goes home.
  • Steam clean the carpets.  Im so over carpets.
  • Clean out and vacuum the car.
Did you know May is Better Sleep Month?  Lord knows I need better sleep.  Right now my average sleep time is 4 hrs and change.  I dropped my goal to 6 hrs and still only make it one a week if that. So this month, I'm turning everything off my 9:30 and will be in bed before 11.  That's the plan anyways.  If y'all see me creeping on Instagram in the wee hours, tell me to go to bed.  Seriously.  

We go the backyard almost ready for Spring and Summer.  It was very much in need of a makeover. I'll share it when it's done.  What did y'all do this weekend?

For more menu ideas be sure to click the link up below.  You would not believe some of the menus others have planned this week.  I've already saved a few!


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