May 6, 2016

10 things that made me happy this week

Today as we were walking to school to get the kids, I kept staring at the top of the hill thinking, this is what this week has been like.  I could see Friday, but it just felt like it was never going to get there. But its finally here.  And I'm exhausted.

And no matter how tired or how much my body hurts, I am smiling.  Sure it was a long week, but it was full of happiness

10things spring

1.  Starting the week with a fully prepped kitchen.  Moved the menu around a bit, but everything got used and all the snacks are about gone!  

2.  Getting free stuff in the mail.  I needed a new mascara anyways!  Thank You Influenster!

3.  Playing Auntie Kim.  My nieces and nephews are all so far away.  So when your friends call and ask if you can watch the yes!  Man babies are tiring!  It was a good reminder that I am to old for anything more than a few days!

4.  I got a new wedding band.  I literally fell asleep and David slipped in on while I was sleeping.  I didn't even know he had bought it.  Love that man. 

5.  Trying new recipes.  I love being in the kitchen.  Just wish I had the energy to spend more time in there.  Been slacking lately.  Gotta stop that!

6.  Good progress reports.  Both boys are doing great.  The little one is reading a grade ahead and has really started to enjoy school.  Thank You baby Jesus!

7.  Responsible dog owners.  This morning I was able to reunited a dog with his family, because he has a collar with his address and name on it.  Makes it so much easier!

8.  My new patio set.  I have fallen asleep outside a handful of times already!  So much more comfy.

9.  Friends who are always willing to help you out. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for them!

10.  My fitbit.  I've really been trying to stay motivated and moving.  Not to mention sleeping.  I have done good on the moving part.  Walked to school 4 days this week.  But my real goal is to get more sleep.  I failed this week, no doubt, but there's always next week!

As crazy as the week was, I am hoping for a very relaxing weekend.  Duncan goes home tomorrow. Sad Panda, but I'm happy for him and his new family!  And will share updates as I get them.   

My oldest nephew is graduating this weekend from the NROTC program and I am so bummed that I won't be able to make it up there.  Such a proud Auntie.  I know my Dad would be so happy and proud to see him graduate tomorrow. 

Cheers to the weekend.  Who's got something fun planned?  And don't forget to stop by Why Girls are Weird, The Flynnigans and My Pixie Blog to see what others are happy about this week!

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