April 22, 2016

10 things that made me happy this week

Well hello Friday!  I'm so glad you are finally here!

Keeping it short and sweet today because the boys are home and that means its twice as hard to get anything done around here.  Frustrating, but I'm still happy to have them home.  Even if the mini teen in hiding in his room and the little one is currently in a Lego Jurassic park zone and neither one needs me, my heart is always happy when we are all under one roof.

10things spring

1.  Getting to see Dottie, a previous foster dog, after 3 years.

2.  Knowing my current foster dog is going to be Dotties new little brother.

3.  Rainy days because, well, naps.

4.  Taking dinner over so Grandma didn't have to cook after surgery.

5.  Listening to my boys talk about the kind of dads they want to be.

6.  Popcorn.  I could live off popcorn

7.  Finally getting caught up with Game of Thrones. 

8.  Clean sheets.

9.  Friends who stop by just to say hi.  

10. Sleeping in.  The boys didn't wake me up until 8:30

The week kind of flew by!  The boys have been for the most part well behaved and that always makes the weeks better.  Man these Pre Teen years are rough.  Lots of questions and lots of emotions.  And its rubbing off on the little ones.  

Wishing everyone has an amazing weekend.  We have a Birthday to go to tonight and a BBQ tomorrow.  And I have a ton of writing to do.  Its going to be a little busy, but I love it that way.  

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