January 11, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: January 11th

I'm pretty sure the weekends are getting shorter.  Its like you blink and its Sunday night.  But considering we did pretty much nothing but be lazy all weekend, that's what we get.  But you know, every once in a while you just need to veg.  And we are all adjusting to Davids new schedule.  Which seems to involve working and sleeping less.  Not sure how that happens but, its a adjustment.  I am just glad to see him more.

We binge watched Bloodline on Netflix and are taking a week off before we start another show. Poor man. I would beg to watch one more episode and then feel bad when he was dragging his butt to bed at midnight. I suppose I should be more considerate but I had to know what was going to happen. Open to suggestions about what to watch next. Hit me!

On to the menu. We are keeping it pretty familiar this week. Tomorrow the little one turns 7. Don't know how that happened either.

Monday:  Spaghetti and salads

Tuesday:  The Birthday boy requested bacon for breakfast and Lumpia for dinner. Random!

Wednesday:  Baked Chicken with glazed carrots.

Thursday:  Pork Chops with macaroni and broccoli.

Friday:  Tamales with Spanish rice and beans.

Saturday:  Clean out the fridge day.  I'm sure there will be a little of everything left.

Sunday:  Pizza.

There you go.  Not super healthy.  But still delicious and under budget since we had to add some birthday fun in there. The boys have yet to push for a big birthday party. They both talk about it, but they both are a little overwhelmed at the idea too. So for now we stick to cake and ice cream at home with Grandma and Grandpa and occasionally some friends. Then there is the cake face smash that has somehow turned into a tradition. But it is exactly what it sounds like. My mother inlaw buys them a small plain cake and they smash their faces in it. There is a whole story behind it, but I'd better save it for another day.

Happy Monday!


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