December 28, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: December 28th

This is it.  The last menu of the year.  Good by 2015!  It was a good year for sure, but I am happy to see it go.  And to have a fresh start.

This weeks menu is pretty vanilla.  Im trying to use up some meat from the freezer. Figured I would end the year on an easy note.  And hopefully it will set an example for the new year.  Easy and stress free.  That sounds really nice especially after the month we had.

The boys have been asking to help out in the kitchen more.  I will not complain there.  But I told them only one at a time, because together, they are explosive.  As it "oh, I dropped the whole bin of flour and the dogs ran through it!" kind of explosive.  Tonight Ant is making us some chili.  Its such a simple recipe, I think he might only need me to cut the onion.

I am looking forward to New Years Eve the most.  My Mother in Law makes Menudo every year and its one of my favorites.  To eat.  To cook is a whole other story.  If you have ever cooked up some tripe in your kitchen you know what I'm talking about.  Its an smell you really have to get accustomed to. I actually would not eat it the first time I smelled her cooking it though.  It has grown on me.  Thankfully, because the end result is so good!

On to the menu.

The chili fixins are ready to go.  We like to let it simmer for a while!

Chili Fixins

Monday:  Turkey Chili.

Tuesday:  Tacos.

Wednesday:  Arroz con Pollo, rice and beans.

Thursday:  Menudo at the in laws.  Happy New Year!

Friday:  Turkey and avocado burgers with salads.


Whats cooking up in your kitchen this week?  Do you have a New Years Eve dinner tradition?

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