November 16, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: November 16th

One week till Thanksgiving! Are you excited? I know I am. Turkey for days, and a whole week off from school. Sleeping in and staying up later than usual. Whats not to love?

Last week I tested out two new recipes in hopes of finding some new sides for our Thanksgiving dinner. The Honey Glazed Baby Carrots were a hit. I did cook them a little bit in the microwave first because, you know, the boys were starving like they hadn't had anything to eat ALL day. Boys!

The Mac and Cheese was ok but just ok. Mostly it was my fault because I had an unexpected guest and let the warm macaroni sit in the cold milk. After that everything didn't mix up to well. Oops. The flavor was there but the texture was off. I suppose I could try it again, or try another one. We don't usually have macaroni for Thanksgiving but this year the boys asked to pick out a dish.  And this was Anthonys choice. Alexander is still deciding. I've got 10$ on him picking fish sticks. Because 9 times out of 10 he will pair up with his brother. Surely the Pilgrims and Indians had fish sticks at the first Thanksgiving. Lord help me.

So this week, I am keeping it pretty simple and comfortable. I need to double check and make my menu for next week Monday and Tuesday is included. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is always a clean out the fridge/fend for yourself kinda day. This way there is space for all the leftovers.


I have been trying to make the boys school snacks. The teachers have asked that we send in healthy options. They asked for Apple Chips and Banana bread. Yes my loves!  That I can do! And for dinner, here is the plan for now.

Monday:  Pizza

Tuesday:  Cream of mushroom chicken with rice and green beans.

Wednesday:  Cesar wraps.

Thursday:  Tetrazinni with salads.

Friday:  Leftovers

Are you thinking the same thing I am thinking?  ITS ALL CHICKEN! I'm not sure how I managed that one. Usually I am good about adding in some pork or fish every week.  Beef and I just don't work well these days, so I avoid it at all costs. This week we pretty much went with what ever sounded good and it all happened to be chicken. It could be worse though, so no complaints here.


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