October 5, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: October 5th

Oh Monday. I wish I could say I was happy to see you this week. But I am dragging. And now that I finally have time to sit, its about time to get the boys from school. Why must you rush me?

Im glad I got my grocery shopping done today though. Dad used to tell me all the time that growing boys would eat and eat. And suddenly I feel like he was down playing it. Between a 10 and a 6 year old, I am running out of things come Wednesday. They. Don't. Stop. Eating.  Thankfully its mostly all healthy snacks. Carrots and Celery are gone in just a few days. Bags of apples and a bunch of bananas disappear next. By Friday we are having to get creative with our snacks and sometimes side dishes. Last week I was missing a whole bag of salad. Boys!

So here is what I have lined up this week. Here's to hoping it can hold them off till next weekend.

Monday: Rosemary and garlic roasted pork loin with potatoes and salads.

Tuesday:  Street tacos with rice and beans.

Wednesday: Leftovers.

Thursday: Clam chowder and crusty bread.

Friday: One pan parmesan salmon with broccoli and couscous.

Anyone else have kids who eat everything?

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