October 12, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Oct 12th


We are almost 2 weeks into the month already.  Halloween is closing in on us and you know what that means!  It will be 2016 before we know it.  But lets slow it down a little.  I know, I always get super excited every Fall. Thanksgiving is my Holiday.  And Christmas is always a bit stressful. This year I am determined not to rush through them and just to really try and enjoy each on.

Davids schedule is changing again, this time for the better.  And it being a short week for the boys. Everyone picked super simple meals.  Want to know how else I know fall is coming.  David is asking for Chili again.  He is not a soup kinda guy, but every year when the weather cools down, he asks for it.

So here is the line up for this week.

Monday: Chicken roll ups.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti, salads and garlic bread.

Wednesday:  Chicken Parm with leftovers from Tuesday.

Thursday:  Parmesan crusted salmon with broccoli and couscous.

Friday:  Turkey chili with crackers.

Saturday:  Leftovers.

When I was 12, Dad had to go on TTY and before he left he taught me how to make "chicken roll ups."  I'm pretty sure it was all we ate that week.  He said they were not quite fajitas, so we just called them roll ups. Simple yet full of flavor. And they were a hit with my little brother and sister and now with my boys.  Its been a while since Anthony has been in the kitchen with me, so tonight the recipe gets passed down!  Recipe to come.

What was the first dish you learned how to cook?  

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