August 16, 2015

Super Size Sunday: Great Danes looking for love!

I had every intention of heading out today to help out the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue.  My body however had other plans and it looks like I will be sticking close to home today.  A few weeks ago, PetSmart chose ended their partnership with the rescue, leaving the rescue no place to hold our adoption events.  This weekend however they managed to set up and I'm not sure when the next event will be able to be organized. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite faces here.

Last week I shared a some of the little guys.  I believe 3 of them have been already been adopted. Awesome news!

Today its the big guys! And girls. Click on their pictures to be taken to their profile.

Roosevelt Collage

***Update!  Roosevelt was adopted!!!***
I just had to share this guy first.  He almost came home with me.  And who knows, he still might if he doesn't get snatched up before I can find a way to squeeze him in here with out David noticing. He is HUGE!  Id guess he is pushing 150lbs.  He reminds me so much of Walter that it was hard watching him load up and go home.  He is super sweet but very strong.  And clearly he needs to trim down a big but he loves to go for a walk so he would be great in an active family .

Avery Collage

Avery is a doll.  She is no couch potato though, she is an active kinda girl.  She is super social and gets along great with other dogs.  But because she is still a little bouncy, a home with older children would be best.

Arthur Collage

Look at his wonky ears!  I love them.  Arthur is about 120lbs of love.  He is such a sweet guy and really just wants someone to love him as much as he will love them.  And he will!

Jessie Collage

Oh Jessie Girl!  Don't let that face fool you.  She looks serious and can be but she is also as sweet as they come. The last time I hung out with her she was glued to my side and sat well for a treat!

I you are a big dog lover and are looking to add to your family, please consider one of these guys. All the dogs with the rescue that are waiting to be adopted are in someones home.  The San Antonio Great Dane Rescue does not have a boarding facility.  If you are not able to adopt, please consider donating.  Here is the current need list. Please let me know if you can help, if you are local we could find a time to meet up and I will gladly hand them along to the rescue.


Please feel free to share as well. Thank You!


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