August 31, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: August 31st

How is it already the end of the month?  Time just keeps sneaking past me.  Its time to start thinking about fall meals.  Fall is my most favorite time of the year.  We don't get much of a season change here but, I can feel it.  And the food gets better.  Soups and stews and roasts oh my!  The crock pot stays on the counter much to Davids pouting!  Until then, we are sticking to the lighter meals for now.

Tonight we are having grilled chicken salads and chicken noodle soup for those of us feeling under the weather.  

Taco Tuesday: Steak Tacos

Wednesday: Rollover Meal.  Never got to the salmon last week.  But I think I will try this Parmesan Crusted Salmon with Broccoli.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we are winging it.  David took time off.  I repeat, he actually took time off! So, we are not sure what we will be up to those days.  But maybe it will involve him cooking and me reading?  A girl can dream right?  Is it Wednesday yet?

Anyone else just love all things fall?


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