August 17, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: August 17th

I can feel summer closing in around us.  Everyone was up at 8am today.  And we only have 10 more hours till bed time.  Not that I'm counting.  Dinner has to be done earlier and no more reading into the early hours of the morning for me. Life is about to go back to our scheduled school year routine and I'm having some mixed emotions about this.


The Menu:

Tuna casserole with roasted veggies.

Lemon pepper turkey with brown rice pilaf and broccoli.

Southwest wraps with salads.

Grilled buffalo chicken with salads and veggie sticks.

Parmesan crusted salmon with roasted broccoli.

To Do List:

Pack backpacks with school supplies.

Purge boys closet of small clothes.

Search and pin lunches for the boys.


Drink my water.

Meet my fitbit goals each day.

Be 100% ready for the first day of school.

What does your week look like?



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