August 26, 2015

Its National Dog Day! Are you celebrating?

Hey Dog Lovers.  Its National Dog Day!  Grab your 4 legged friends and have some fun.  Or if you are one of my dogs you can just sleep the day away.  That is Ponchos plan anyway.  Poor P Dog is a little lost without his boys here all day.  He has been moping around since school started. I'm hoping that in a few days this will pass.  He will entertain Morris and his games for a while but mostly he just mopes.


The boys got to have eggs with their breakfast and I baked up a some yummy Apple Treats for them today.

apple dog hearts
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Morris has been getting turkey with his dry food to help him eat.  So tonight everyone will get some!  If I had known there was an actually day for this I would have baked a cake or something! Does that make me crazy? The boys are at school all day and so its just the dogs and I now.  All day. Its nice to have them to myself.  Plus they are much better behaved when its just me.  The boys love to get them all riled. up.

Chico was our first baby.  And our only and last small dog.  Love him to pieces but small dogs and I just can't work. He is the top dog around here though.  He suffers from little dog syndrome and is convinced he is a Great Dane too.

Poncho is the lover of the group.  He is hardly ever alone.  Even when he sleeps, its either with a kid or another dog.  He has chased away bad dreams for both boys and is always looking after me too.

Then there is Morris.  The "foster dog".  I don't know why I say foster because while they are in my house, they are mine. But, he is the baby of the trio and he sure knows how to get his way with those dang puppy eyes!

I can't imagine a home with out dogs.  They are messy and smelly and eat so much. They are loud and rowdy and are always knocking things over.  Actually they sound a lot like my 2 legged boys. They are my boys.  A part of our family.  I love them!


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