June 22, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: June 22nd

Call me crazy, but I am actually happy its Monday.  I needed a fresh start and desperately need to get back on a schedule.  Don't get me wrong, we all loved having David home for a whole week. Even if work called him every. single. day!  But, he was here and we had so many great little adventures.  But going to bed at 4am if at all and the waking up at noon, while nice, has got to stop.  Im to old for that!

So today, I am getting everything for the week planned out.  Starting with my menu.  So here is what I have lined up for this week

Tonight we are having leftovers from last night and I will grill up some chicken that didn't make it on the grill last night. And we have some pasta salad and grilled broccoli to go with it.

Tacos on Tuesday!  I am going to try out this recipe for Shredded Beef Tacos.  The best part is the crock pot does all the work while we go for a swim or ride bikes. Now that it gets dark so late it is so easy to get caught up having fun and then realize its way past dinner time.  This way when we come in, dinner is ready to go.

Wednesday is our leftover night.

Thursday will be meatloaf night.  And not just any meatloaf, but Monster Meat Loaf.  The only one the guys will eat here.  OK, its the only one I really care for too!  The boys asked for asparagus as a side.  This is another regular around here.

Friday is the start of AdventureCon so we will have an early dinner before we head for registration and a reception. So we will either have Garlic and Herb butter Salmon or leftovers.  This one pot dish amazing.  Not only is the flavor amazing but who doesn't love a one pot dish?  If there is time, I will make brown rice pilaf too.

Saturday we will have dinner at Sea World

Sunday will be another day in the park.  I'm counting on everyone being pretty worn out when we get home so dinner will be what ever we have left in the fridge!

As usual, its a pretty easy and simple week. Its going to be a great week for sure.


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