May 4, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: May 4th

Ok!  I am back to the land of the living.  Last week I was probably the sickest I have been in years. But right before I was going to the Dr, I had an amazing recovery and as long as it continues to get better, I don't have to go.  Here's the thing.  I see a doctor at least once a month, so if I can avoid making it more than that, I will do my best.  I was reminded than my body is just having a hard time fighting off things now more than before.  Lucky me

Anyways, back to the cooking.  We are having the In laws chicken tonight, because thanks to the meatloaf we had enough food for days.  The boys kept telling me how much they loved last weeks dinners.  Ant was meatloaf crazy, and opted for leftovers for 2 more days.  Which worked for me because I was sick as a dog.

And I'm trying out some new recipes again this week.  Here's what I'm working with.

Nothing says Cinco De Mayo like Tacos

Greek Turkey Burgers from Budget Bytes.  We have loved everything else we have tried for here so Im excited.  And we will have sweet potato fries to go along with.

Didn't get to the InLaws Chicken so we will do that tonight.

We cant do a Tuesday with out Tacos, and of course its Cinco De Mayo too.

This Teriyaki Chicken is another new recipe we are excited about trying. I usually do Teriyaki the way we did growing up.  On the grill, but this does look really good!

And because I am not 100% Im going to make some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.  This is one of 2 non canned soups David will eat.  And its almost so simple my 9 year old can make it.

And there should be a day or two of leftovers in here somewhere.  I hope.

So that's that.  Im looking forward to getting better and back in the kitchen for real. But for now I need to catch a cat nap before the boys get home from school.  Its Monday, so nothing ever goes as planned. But hopefully we can get homework and chores done just in time to eat.  Can you tell Im looking forward to bedtime.  And its only 2 pm.  Yup!  Must be Monday!


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