May 19, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: May 18th

Southwest Steak Wraps

We are in the final stretch of the school year and everyone has a bad case of the blahs.  Suddenly my boys who are usually up and dressed before me are struggling to get out of bed in the morning. No one wants to eat breakfast or do homework.  And no one wants to eat dinner.  The request sandwiches and cereal to end the night.  That sure would make my life easier, I am determined to keep pushing real meals.  Sometimes the only time during the day we are all together is at the dinner table.  Im not giving that up just yet.  So here goes another weeks menu. And I am also going back to scheduling days for each dinner because if I don't I don't want to cook any of it.

Monday:  Lemon pepper turkey, brown rice and asparagus.  We were supposed to have it for Anthonys birthday but went with light leftovers to leave room for cake and ice cream.

Tuesday:  Southwest steak wraps.  This is another recipe that has made in into a regular rotation. I'm asked to make it at least once a month.

Wednesday:  Baked chicken, garlic roasted potatoes and corn.

Thursday:  Leftovers.  Because there are always leftovers.

Friday:  One pan salmon.  Switching out the beans for broccoli and the tomatoes for salad.

Saturday:  BBQ  Its a long weekend what better way to kick it off than some chicken and skewers on the grill?

Sunday:  Leftovers again.  And if there isn't any, we will just throw some more meat on the grill!

Monday:  Its Memorial Day.  You know what that means right?  More grilling!



  1. I am going to try and make greek style skewrs this weekend. Yum to all the choices for this week!

    1. Pam, I love anything grilled! So when ever I can, you will find me out back with a grill full. And skewers are just so easy! We usually do a teriyaki type of meat. So good!