May 11, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: May 11th

Y'all!  These boys won't stop eating.  Both seem to have hit growth spurts at the same time and I'm all over here with no appetite.  The struggle is real.  I kid.  About the struggle part anyways.  They really are eating everything they can get their hands on.  Which, thankfully is mostly fruits and veggies.  Today, Anthony asked if I would cook asparagus for an after school snack tomorrow. Sorry kid, that is part of another meal. Pretty cool though, that he asks for things like that. But bigger appetites also means no leftovers and lots of non boxed snacks are called for.  And so the story goes.

My menu this week isn't all that great but there is something for everyone.  Don't judge me and love of Cream of Mushroom. Here are a few of the things we got lined up this week.

Tonight we went with Tuna Melts and fries.  Easy and no complaints.  Because there has been way to much complaining going on around here.

I am going to be putting this Slow-Cooker Shredded Beef in the crock pot tonight before I go to be that way its ready for David to have for lunch before he goes to work.  And then dinner is just about done when the boys get home. Mom for the win!

I have shared it here before but we have this super easy Lemon Pepper Turkey and Asparagus at least once a month. Ok usually twice but if the boys love it and its healthy, I will make it as often as they ask for it.  My oldest actually asked for this as his Birthday Meal. 

Cream of mushroom Chicken with leftover brown rice and salads.  My older sister taught me how to make this for the weeks that Dad would go on TDY and I was in charge of cooking.  Its my comfort food.  And I need some comforting this week.

And I also have the Supper Club Fish that is rolling over from last week.  This too is a favorite, but considering it has butter, mayo and cheese in it, I don't make it all that much anymore.  

For snacks this week, I got a bag full of mangoes, apples and a huge bunch of bananas.  I have brown bananas to make muffins and I have stuff for smoothies. Celery and carrots are a favorite of the boys to take with their lunches. We also pop our own popcorn. I have and old school air popper on my birthday list but for now on the stove it is.  

I am always looking for new snacks for the boys.  Even though they like the pretty simple things, sometimes its nice to throw in something new every now and again to surprise them.  What are some of your favorite snacks?


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