April 27, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: April 27th

Dinners are so mixed up around here with Davids work schedule.  I've been sharing my menu with a day by day breakdown but guess what.  I am horrible and sticking to the days.  Some days I change my mind and want to make the faster meal.  Or some days we just say what the hell and have omelets instead.  So I'm gonna start sharing my menu plan without designated days.

The Monster Meatloaf is finally made.  I made it tonight, so that there was something for David to have for lunch before he went to work.  He has dinner for lunch and then lunch for dinner.  The meatloaf just kept getting pushed back, but it is in the oven so its finally done!

We are testing out a new recipe called Your In-Laws Favorite Chicken. Figured we would try it before we invite them over though!  Ya know, just in case.  

Another first timer is this Spinach Stuffed Pork Loin from Skinny Meg.  

David asked for enchiladas. So I'm changing it up this time and trying this Baked Beef Enchilada recipe instead of my usual one.   Yes that makes 3 new recipes in one week!  

And of course we love our leftovers so really I only cook about 4 times a week.  During the weekend we kind of just graze.  Or maybe one of these recipes will be put off till the weekend.

The boys have asked that we have a nice dessert at least once a week.  It used to be a few times a week.  Even if it was just fruit salad but we have cut back on the sweets and snacks.  I'm thinking I might go with banana pudding or something easy.  Who knows. How often do you have dessert at your house?  We hardly have cookies and ice cream or candy in the house, so its a big treat for the boys.  

I just realized that this weeks menu compared to most is kinda heavy.  But oh well.  I caught a lot of crap from my doctor today because I have gained 5 lbs in 6 months.  My appetite is finally back. And who knows for how long, so I'm just gonna enjoy this week.  Next week its back to healthy and clean meals!


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