November 24, 2014

Menu Monday 11-24


I know I am not the only mom who slept in past 6 am this morning.  Yes, Thanksgiving break is here.  Last week was a bad week for me.  Pain and Appointments kept me tied up and feeling quite unsociable.  Which is so not me.  But turns out all I needed to do was get out of the house.  Being housebound during the week is hard.  And now with the soccer season over, I am home EVERY DAY. ALL. DAY. LONG!  I'm pretty sure that's what did it.  But its a new week and I am so ready for it.  First things first.  Food.  I had forgotten just how much boys eat when they are home and so active.  But being as it is Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, I know I only need food for the first half of the week.  There is always turkey for days after Thanksgiving.

We are cleaning out the fridge tonight. So leftover chicken and sides.

Taco Tuesday. This is the only time I do not switch out the beef for turkey.  And since I don't eat much red meat, I am looking forward to this!

Mamas Supper Club Tilapia Swai with rice and roasted broccoli.  There are never leftovers of this when I make it, so its the perfect!

Thanksgiving Dinner.  YAY!

Turkey something.  Pot Pie?  Tettrazini? Taquitos?  Tacos?  Turkey Noodle soup?  The possibilities are almost endless!

Last day of turkey.

Homemade pizzas.  I get the boys individual Biboli Breads and let them put what ever they want on their own pizzas.  Good times.

Next week I will be a little more creative in my dinners.  No turkey!  What do y'all do with your leftover turkey?  I would love some new turkey recipes if you have any.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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