November 6, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W44} #happinessis

Hey Yall!  Guess what!  Today is Thursday!  With Alex home sick Monday and Tuesday and David and I sick now, you lose track of the days.  So here I am a day late!  Someone remind me that tomorrow is an early release day too.  I kid.  I set an alarm for that!  And put a reminder in my calendar.  My brain is fried.

So I'm gonna keep it quick and easy.  The happiness this week goes to the dogs.  My 9 year old came out with me this weekend to volunteer with the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue.  I try to make it out there every Saturday but with soccer, it gets a little scattered.  Well he must have take my phone out while he was on a break and this is what I found.  And finding all these faces, even if the photos are out of focus and off shot, they all made me happy to the core.  It is a reminder of his sweet nature and something that we have in common.  Sharing this with him has been so rewarding. He has been begging for his own camera so I am going to have to talk to Santa about that one.

But here is a little happiness.

Roxie is an English Mastiff that I just adore.  She is a laid back kind a gal.  I will have to find more photos to share of her because she is an absolute gem!  I don't know why she hasn't been adopted yet.   Aside from a little cat problem...


Nothing sweeter than a sleeping puppy!


Walter is a Daniff.  That is half Mastiff half Great Dane.  He is 140 lbs of love and the life of the party!


Anthony sat in the pen with these two guys for about 30 mins.  Getting some puppy love.



Look at that face!  Norway is just another love bug waiting for someone to love him as much as he loves everyone!


Poor Bailey.  She is just waiting for her forever home.  Someone to love her and be patient and kind.


Ohhhh Waylon.  Tell me you dont look at this face and just want to smush it.  This guy is deaf but doesn't let that stop him one bit.  He will do anything for a treat and is a great boy!


This little girl, isnt even up for adoption.  But because he loves him a basset hound, I have 21 photos that look just like this!


Happiness is spending time with my boy, saving lives and educating the public on things like the importance of spaying an neutering your animals.  He looks forward to every weekend we get to go.  He tells his friends with pride that he is a volunteer with the rescue and when people tell him that he has an awesome dog, who we rescued from SAGDR, he tells them where they can get one.  Happiness is kindness and compassion in a little boy who I know will be doing this for many years to come.

Its almost Friday.  Hang in there everyone.  If this didn't make you happy, hop on over to Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what others are happy about.

And if you or someone you know would like to volunteer, foster or adopt let me know.  Or stop by The San Antonio Great Dane Rescue.  They are out every Saturday at the Alamo Ranch Petsmart from 11-4 pm.

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