November 7, 2014

Friday 5: Five things I am thankful for

There is no avoiding them now.  The Holidays are here.  I'm all for celebrating but it I had to pick a favorite one, Thanksgiving is my holiday hands down.  I love everything about it.  The change in weather, well as far as Fall in Texas goes.  The rain isn't so bad!  The smells of cookies and pies baking.  Gathering around the table and sharing food with friends and family!  I am pretty sure its going to be a little different this year than the past few years, but even if its just the boys and us, it will be perfect.  But I will admit, I will be more than happy to have an over flowing house.


I am thankful to have my own house and to be able to open the doors to my family and friends.  The boys love having their friends over.  Which reminds me I have a Boys Club meeting that I need to clean up for.  I love watching them just be kids.  During the holidays there are always people coming and going.  Family and friends visiting.  I love it.  David is a polar opposite of me.  He likes his alone time and he likes a quiet house. During the holidays he gives in and is never surprised when I tell him we are expecting more guests than I though!


Speaking of the Mr.  I am thankful for our marriage.  Lord knows we have been though just about every challenge that could be thrown our way.  We have been to the bottom and back again.  He has watched me get chased by ostriches more than once. He supports me in everything that I do. Sat my my hospital bed numerous times.  Pushed me when I though I had nothing left to give.  He has held me while I cried and laughed with me.  He loves my family even though all the craziness.  There isn't anyone else I would rather have with me at the end of the day.  


The extra obvious.  I am thankful for my boys.  Not just because they are my boys but because they are amazing.  Anthony while he struggles at home excels at school.  He gives his 100% into his schoolwork and by the time school is over he is spent.  But I love him even if he is grumpy.  Alexander is trying his best in school but admits that he hates it.  He asks everyday if he could just stay home with me instead.  They are my everything!


I have the best friends. If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that I love everyone.  True.  But my inner circle is pretty small.  People who call and check on my or call and pretend not to be checking on me.  The ones who offer to pick up and take my boys to school so I can rest.  The neighbors who throw medicine over the fence in the middle of the night when your kid breaks out it hives.  Those are the kinds of people I really love.  The ones who I can count on to help me with no hesitations or expectations.  I'm seriously blessed in the friend department.


 Soccer.  I loved playing soccer and I have loved watching Anthony play the late two years.  But he wants to move on to another sport and so Tomorrow we will have our last game.  Its not 100% final but we are almost sure of it.  The plan is to take a year off or find a different program for the boys over the next year. It has been amazing watching him learn and play and then to finally score not only his first goal but two goals in his last game.  It makes saying goodbye even harder.  We will see I guess.  But I am so thankful that a friend thought of us when they needed an extra player and that it led to these last 2 years.  

So there are just a few of the things I am thankful for.  There is no way I could pick just one.  I am truly blessed.  What are you thankful for? What is your favorite part of the holidays? 

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