August 1, 2014

Friday 5: August Bucket List

Guess what month it is!!  My Birthday month.  Clearly I'm not excited at all!  Seriously though, I love Birthdays. I used to dread them. But once I got sick, I started using them as a milestone and embracing each year. Its not about the presents or the cakes and fun. Just knowing that I have made it one more year is all I need for my special day.

August not only marks my birthday, but my sisters and nieces, and a few other family and friends too. Its a good month.  August also means time to get our butts in gear for the new school year.  And this year with Alex going to Kinder, its a big one.  I don't know what I am going to do with myself.  But I do know what I am going to do now!  Well this month I mean.


What is summer with out a little baseball.  We love going to the San Antonio Missions games.  Their mascot is a Jalapeno!  How hot is that. (Pun intended) I have a crush on him.  Last summer he came down into the stands to visit me and game us all kinds of goodies, I got an autographed ball and he even danced with my mom!  Yup, hes the best!  So first up on the list although not likely the first to be done, is a trip to watch the Missions play ball.

No summer is complete without a Barbecue. I did grill for Fathers day, but we didn't have any company. And now with the walls almost done and now that I finally got rid of my old embarrassing couches, I think its about time to have a little gathering. Nothing to crazy. Who am I kidding, it always gets a little crazy around here. Hopefully we can fit this is.

Don't forget fishing.  The boys have been dying to go and I have been dying to take them.  Why haven't we gone yet?  Because in Texas you need a license to fish.  And I just find this crazy.  Growing up I remember leaving school, catching a fish and taking it home and cooking it for lunch.  So for the longest time I let this little thing stop us.  Because I'm stubborn like that.  But I'm just gonna let the boys do their thing.  My dad bought them both poles and a tackle box so why not.  He wanted to take them but never got the chance, I'm looking forward to taking them in his place.

What goes hand in had with fishing?  Camping.  We have a tent.  We have the gear.  But we have NEVER been camping.  Yeah.  That needs to change and it needs to happen soon.  Only 4 more weekends before school starts.  I think I found the place now I just need to get David back on board with the whole idea. Hes more of a cabin camper.

At the beginning of the year I pledged to visit 25 parks this year.  We have visited 5 and I'm hoping to add another 5 this month.  I've got a lot of catching up to do.  I already have 3 in mind I just need to choose a few more and then go.  Its hard not being able to drive myself.  Having to wait for David or have a friend take me gets to be to much sometimes.  But since there is not anything I can do about that, I'm just going to keep adding to my park wishlist and beg David to take me to them all!

So there are 5 things we are planning to do this month to bring our summer to an end.  Did you make a summer bucket list?  Is there anything that you didn't get to do?  What has been your favorite thing that you have done this far?  I think my favorite part so far was going to Sea World with my oldest brother.  He was only in town for a weekend, but we still had lots of fun.  And the weekend trip to Houston is up there too.


  1. Tip! when you go camping & if You go to a camp site with a out light, or you may find one, just bring a box fan! we went this time last year and We had it with the heat! it messed up our First camping trip! we went to Pedernales Falls State Park. It's nice but it was so humid! & hot at night.
    Xo Pam

    1. Box fan is now on the list of things not to forget! Thanks Pam! I will check out Pedernales!