August 22, 2014

Balance Awareness 2014

Sometimes just talking about myself gets a little boring.  Today I want to share someone with you. Someone who has shared me and my story and has been such an angel in my life. Remember my Mrs February feature?  No? Well in 2012, my girl did a 12-12-12 project on her blog Abledis. Each month she featured a different disorder or illness. She dove in and learned as much as she could about it. She would share photos of her at her own doctor appointments rocking Liver Disease Awareness shirts and she has gone though a few Hope for Kim bracelets. Even her Gram rocked one. Thanks Gram! Check out my feature HERE! Like I said, shes been an angel!  And now I get a chance to share a little about her!

Marissa has a vestibular disorder. Vesti-what? Vestibular. Its a balance disorder. Stop by the Vestibular Disorder Association to learn more about what she goes though on a daily basis. Its not easy. She is a Rockstar!

Balance Awareness week is September 15th - 21st. And to help support the cause she created these shirts. 100% of the proceeds are going to raising balance awareness. So lets rally and help a sister out. Click on the photo and order your shirt today. There are 6 more days. Buy one or three.  No judgment here!Rock it during the week and then again and again.  If When you get a shirt, take a photo and share it with me.  Ill send you a little something! I had someone send me an email once. She said she saw my blog written on someones shirt and wanted to see if it was real. Yup, I'm real. Marissa is real. Our struggles are real. This is all real. So come on! Help us get the word out!


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