July 2, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W25} #happinessis

We have been a little busy around here this week.  But even though this post is going to be short, its big  Yup just a little big happiness this week.  No mass overload of photos. So.

Happiness is no longer having to look at those peeling couches.  My new couches are finally here and the red is a nice change from all the brown!  Now I just have to finish painting the walls...brown.


Happiness is brand new car sitting in the driveway.  No more minivan with doors that don't open and sideboard falling off.  And no more crunchy brakes. This is half the size and comes with a full warranty even though its used. Boy did we get lucky with this one.  Blessed is more like it.


Happiness is a just because date.  I think David knew that with all the big buys going on, I was beyond overwhelmed.  And dinner with him, just us and lots of seafood, was the cherry on top of it all.  He knows me so well!


Happiness is also soda in the fridge.  Its been years that I haven't had a box of coke in my fridge. I know what y'all are thinking, this is a bad thing.  But guess what, I haven't been drinking it.  I think I have had two. And its a lot cheaper than sending David to the gas station every time I get a headache.  So I am claiming this as a win.  And winning is happiness :)


That's all I have this week.  Short and sweet. Be sure to stop by Crazy adventures in Parenting for more happiness.  And share your happiness.  Even better share it on instagram or twitter and use #happiness is.  I love going though all the happiness.  Its a nice change from all the heartache and sadness going on in the world.  Much love!  Have a safe holiday weekend!

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