June 16, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: June 16th


Let me just start by saying, that menu for last week...kinda flew out the window.  David had taken the whole week off and we kinda had a lot more fun than we should have.  And it included, me not cooking.  Once.  Oh I am hanging my head and gut in shame.  But the memories we made were worth every penny spent and ever mozzarella stick eaten.  I did make dinner yesterday.  And one night we didn't leave the pool until 10 pm so we just had sandwiches.  But there were a lot of mozzarella sticks.  My weakness.

So I'm recycling some of last weeks dinners and will add a few in.  Friday we have a suprise guest.  Well since I know the boys aren't reading here I can tell you that my oldest brother is stopping by on his way to a friends wedding.  He will be here for the weekend, I can't wait.  I love seeing him and the boys just adore their Uncle Lester!  And David will be working late days this week so he wont be home in time for dinner. That always is a bummer.  So keeping it "kim".  Nice and easy.


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