June 6, 2014

Friday 5: Foster Dogs

Ive been horrible at keeping up with this.  Not just my friday posts but my everyday posts.  Hopefully with summer being here, I will have more time to refocus and share more.  Cause everyone knows that I love to share.  I just can't seem to find time to write it all out here.

So.  It's Friday.  And the first free day of Summer Break!  YAY!  How have you spent your morning?  So far, I was woken up to my oldest running though the house looking for a leash.  "The white husky is outside!  I have to get it for Alex"  Say what?!  Yes, at 8am, we were walking down the street in hopes of finding this dog.  Not to keep it, but to help find the owner and help them find a way to keep their dog off the street!  Of course we were not successful so I came in to take care of my dogs.  Feed and water them and then tend to Leroy the foster dogs man bits.  Or what is left of them anyways.  He just got neutered yesterday so he is sore and milking it!  Dramatic boy!  Anyways, it got me thinking.  Leroy is my 5th foster dog.  That I haven't kept anyways.  Poncho was a foster for a whole few days before we knew we couldn't let go!  So I wanted to share my last 5 with you!

Haiku the Husky


This girl was our first real foster.  David since highschool has said he wanted a husky.  So when we saw her out at the rescue even and she looked so sad, we couldn't help but bring her home with us.  She was the most work.  Her and Poncho did not get a long.  She tried to eat the chihuahua but I knew she was just trying to adjust.  After a week of separating the dogs I decided it was time to help them figure it out. All it took was one day of A LOT of patience on all our parts and Poncho knowing his commands pretty well, they became inseparable.  We were very honest with potential adopters about her pack issues.  She is very selective and needs time to acclimate.  And that she was an escape artist.  The first couple adopted her knowing her pack picky-ness and brought her back shortly after because she didn't get along with their dog. So the next family I made sure she would be the only dog.  It was a perfect fit. Until they took her home, and tossed her in the backyard.  She jumped the fence and has never been seen since.  My heart breaks ever time I think of it.  Haiku took time but she was loved while she was in our house.  The boys have such a soft spot for huskies now.  Alex says its the breed for him.  To this day he misses her.

Bruce Wayne the Dane


This boy was probably the most snuggly great dane I have ever known.  Where ever he was, a part of him had to be touching someone.  If poncho laid down, he would run over and lay down with him. Even the grumpy Chico loved to cuddle up with him.  Every now and then I get updates on him.  He is doing great. Living out on a few acres and keeping his little girl safe.  He loves her.  And she loves him.

Marie the Dane Puppy (Dottie)


Marie was Chicos girl. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with the fact that she was close to his size.  Well, close enough.  While she loved to harass Poncho, she was so sweet with him.  I want to say she was only 4 months old when we got her.   Her new mom and I have become friends of Facebook and I love love love seeing pictures of her every day. She has grown so much.  Her sweet face was hard to let go, but after I saw a picture of her in her new home, with her new family, I knew she was right where she needs to be!

Rambo my love AKA Samson


I don't think any dog has weighed on my heart as much as this guy.  Even if he was way underweight. I saw him on a post on Facebook and those eyes just begged me for help.  So I talked to the rescue and they found a way to get him to me.  I have never in my life met a more chill dog.  He was perfect. Although he was a bed killer.  What can I say, girls love the bad boys.  He was so sweet.  My boys, 9 and 5 could walk him on the leash.  He never pulled, never left their side.  When he wasn't cuddled up with anyone else he was at my feet.  We put some weight on him and sent him off with a new family who just adores him of course.  How could they not.  I miss him most of all.

Leroy Leroy Leroy


Last but not at all the least.  This boy is at that age where if he were a human child he would be chasing girls and slamming his bedroom door when I scold him.  God is he sweet though.  And that face!  Have you ever seen such a adorable and goofy mug?  This boy will do anything for a snack.  He actually picked up sit and shake by watching my dogs.  Before I knew it he would sit and automatically try and shake too!  See that crooked leg?  What crooked leg.  Yes, its there, but you would never know it if you saw him out playing like any other dog.  He just got neutered and will soon be making is debut at the adoption events.  I know he will need a patient family and one who can handle him.  Hes still working on his manners but he will get there.

So there is the line up this far.  Poncho was actually supposed to be a foster, but we fell in love with him and can not imagine him not in our lives.  He can be a little rebellious every now and then.  He might swipe a snack off the counter or help explore the depths of the trash can and he might have some leash issues, he completes our pack for now.  He is a great helper when I bring in new fosters.  He puts them in their place and leads by example. And he is a great big brother to not only Chico the Chihuahua but to my boys as well. He does not tolerate anyone messing with him.  And when you have 140 lbs of big black dog barking at you, the tickle war is done.

A lot of people tell me that they just can't adopt a new dog right now or that they don't know what type of dog they want.  I always suggest fostering.  Consider it a test drive.  Take the dog home.  Show it love and let it love you back.  If its not the right dog for you, once he or she gets adopted, try another one.  And the best part is you save a life.  Remember, don't shop!  Adopt.  Or foster :)

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