June 27, 2014

Foster Dog Diaries: Dottie turns ONE!

Last year I got an email from the Dane Rescue asking if I could foster a pup that had come in.  God was she cute.  There was no saying no.  David was iffy on the puppy part.  But we had just sent our first foster off to his new family and our home had been feeling a little empty.  So we agreed and off we went to pick her up.

Marie the Puppy
Now Dottie

She spent the first few days sleeping. 


 She spent the next few days trying to get Poncho to share his bed with her.


 Only to decide sharing Chicos big blue pillow was much more fun.


She was a sneaky little one. One night she tore a hole in the big bed so I had to turn it upside down. They must have thought it was a new bed because everyone wanted to sleep in it. And they did.


 She even got in a few naps with Alex.


It wasn't long before we got that email.  She had someone interested in adopting her.  I started to wonder. What if they dont have kids?  She loved the boys.  Or what if they aren't ready for a dog?  Will they love her?  Shoud we keep her?

I was so worried, until I got an email from her new mom.  She told us they decided to call her Dottie. And she sent me this photo.  She had turned her kids table into a dog bed.  Yes!  I knew she would be loved.


The morning she was to be picked up we had a soccer game.  So we dropped her off.  And before getting back in the car I took a look back and she was just watching me go.  At halftime I checked my phone, no emails or texts.  After the game David asked me if I wanted to swing by and see if she got picked up yet. And I couldn't do it.  I had faith that she was going to a new home.  I knew they were excited and I knew they would love her.  I had to let her go.  That night, I opened up my email and found this. Along with some more pictures


Thanks so much for loving her! We got home about 2 hours ago and she is doing great! She LOVES our yard! She took a few spins around the yard already.


Taking a dog in.  Loving them and then placing them in another home and family is one of the hardest things I have had to do.  But knowing that they are safe and loved, outweighs all the work and worries. I have kept intouch with Dotties mom on facebook and have been able to watch her grow up.  

Yesterday she turned ONE!  She is happy.  My heart is happy.  Happy Birthday Dottie!!

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