May 7, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W18} #happinessis

Well that was a fast Wednesday!  It was over before I knew it.  But before I shut down for the night, I thought I'd share some happiness.  Much needed after yesterdays whining.  Sorry about that.  It was a short week for us.  Over before we knew it.  I think its just the last stretch to summer.  I'm so ready for summer.

Happiness is the wind in your curls. And his first boat ride.  He is a mini me.  Loves the water, and now loves boat rides.  


Happiness is taking out some energy on a pinata!  This kid can really swing a bat!


Happiness is a childhood snack and some drawing to let out some of my energy.


Happiness is when practice is finally over and little brother can rush the field and take the ball from his brother!


Happiness is a quiet moment when they are not arguing about something or other.  And can you tell they are ready for football season?


Happiness is a kid that sleeps thought he morning walk to the bus stop.  We go home and I throw him back in bed.  He usually sleeps for another hour or two.  He also thinks I leave him at home because he never remembers going! Oh Alex!


There are just a few pieces of my happiness this week.  I hope you are having a happy week!  Come join me over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting and share you happiness!


  1. So so sweet! Boat rides and piƱatas sound like happiness to me! ;)

  2. I will always be an island girl. If I cant be in the water, Ill settle for being on it!