April 28, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: April 28th

How is it Monday already.  Almost Tuesday actually. This week is a little off schedule for us.  We had our last soccer game on Sunday but because we are going to be in a tournament next month, the coach has decided we will practice until then.  So I am still sticking with some quick and familiar dinners.  Who am I kidding, its always quick and easy around here!

Spaghetti night.  This seems to be a regular around here.  Its Davids favorite and one of the few things the boys will ask for seconds.  Me...I really really don't like it, but if they ask for it, I will make and eat it.

Spanish rice and chicken with rice and beans.  Alex asks for this every. single. week, so its another regular dinner in this house.

Chicken Tetrazinni with salad.  There are always leftover noodles from spaghetti night and I will only use half a pack of chicken on Tuesday, so this is how we make sure we don't end up throwing anything out! Wasted food is wasted money.

Leftovers. Its our first day of the week without practice and while I should be cooking something nice since we don't have to rush out the door so early, I am going to take the day off.  Don't judge me!

OK.  I'm not getting crazy in the kitchen or anything but I will be spending a little more time in there making Stuffed Pork chops, potato wedges and some veggies.  This is a recipe that my big sister shared with me years back when it was just David and I.  I'm not sure why I don't make it more often.  But every time I do, it takes me way back!

Birthday Party = no cooking for me!  I'm sure we will be hungry by the time we get back to town, so we will just raid the fridge.

Dinner at Grandmas.  David joked a few weeks back and told his mom we were going to start a tradition of Sunday Dinners.  We have been over there every Sunday since.  I guess I should invite them over for dinner soon.  Next week!  

I really do love to cook.  But having no appetite and feeling sick all day make it really hard to enjoy myself while I'm in the kitchen.  So, I've just been cooking whatever the guys ask for.  That's why its always the same thing! Here's to hoping that once we are done with soccer I will find my way back in there.

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