March 16, 2014

Photo Ladies Challenge: Aperture.

A few weeks ago one of my Instagram ladies posted about the Photo Ladies Challenge she was going to join to learn her camera better.  I was curious, so I checked it out and it got me thinking about how much I miss my camera.  Darn phone camera is just to convenient.  I love that I always have it on me with out having to lug around my big camera, but just like a good book, nothing can replace having a camera in your hands.  So I wrote to Teresa and explained that I did know a little about my camera but I would still love to join the challenge as a refresher course.

We are following along with the lessons from No Bad Photo.  For those of you who are wanting to learn a little more about your camera and get out of Auto, you should check it out!  And you can learn more about the Photo Ladies Challenge stop by Crafy Wife and catch up with us!

Our first challenge was Aperture.  This reminds me of a time I was going to take some pictures for a friend and she asked me if I could make the background all blurry in Photoshop before sending it to her. I explained that I could do it in camera.  Experimenting with aperture is my favorite things to do and one of the reasons I got a dslr in the first place.  But I have NEVER used Aperture mode on my camera. I told myself if I was going to, ok well if David was going to buy me a nice camera I was going to put that baby into Manual and never look.  And I did.  I was running behind and I didn't want to be late to turn in my pictures for the challenge so I ran out back, switched to AV and here is what I got.  I was still a day late.  Sorry Teresa! With David home all week I have no idea what day is what!  I left the photos straight out of camera since we are just focusing on one thing right now.  So excuse the colors and focus :)

What I learned?  That I love my camera.  Yes I knew that already, but I need to pick it up more.  And that its ok to let the camera do the work.  No need to keep changing settings.  I love AV mode.  And I think I will just leave it there for a while and see what else I can come up with.

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  1. Love it! And don't worry about it being a day late. We're all busy so there is no pressure if you can't get it up right away!