March 3, 2014

Menu Monday: March 3rd

Monday:  I have THIS in the crock pot as I type and the house smells amazing.  I'm hoping the whole jalapeno isn't going to be to spicy for everyone me. The boys are champs. They love spicy.  Me, I'm still learning to love it.  We love tacos in this house so I am excited to try out a new recipe that doesn't include ground meat.

Tuesday:  Chili night.  After a nice warm week, we are back to the cold.  It should be a high of 52, so a nice warm pot of Turkey Chili when everyone gets home will be perfect!  What do you eat with your chili?  My guys prefer crackers.  I've heard people having rice or cornbread too.  Just curious.

Wednesday:  Ash Wednesday means no meat.  Plus soccer practice so we are gonna go easy with fish sticks and macaroni. 

Thursday:  Leftovers.  There is always leftover chili and I'm sure there will still be some tacos since we cant eat them on Wednesday.  It a clean the fridge out kind of night.

Friday:  (Lent) We are packing the boys up and kicking off Spring Break with a little weekend get away. The only for sure thing I know is that there will be no meat involved. We will have a full kitchen so I'm not worried about throwing something together last minute.  

Saturday:  Burgers and dogs on the grill.  The boys don't know we are going but this is what they asked for when I asked what we should BBQ.  Maybe some corn on the cob and chips to go with it?!

Sunday:  One last night of grilling.  I'm thinking a few nice steaks, potatoes and some salad might be just what we need to end this trip.  

So its not the healthiest week but it will be a weekend rich in memories.  You win some, you lose some. I'm so looking forward to some time away. I will have my phone for texts and calls but probably won't be around much online.  Can't wait!

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