March 15, 2014

It's over already?

That was the fastest week ever. And it's already the wee hours of Saturday. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun.

Last Friday David and I packed the boys up and headed out for a long weekend at Canyon Lake. We had a blast. There was lots of putt putt golf, board games, and all kinds of fun. The weather was pretty dreary but we still enjoyed every minute of it  Driving back to the craziness of the city was a little depressing. Don't get me wrong, I've finally come to love San Antonio but God how I love open spaces, peace and quiet.

We also visited the zoo.  The boys were super excited to ride the new carousel. I'm pretty sure we will be making a few more trips because they are insisting on riding every animal. And ofcourse I got to see my snakes. How can I be so afraid yet so fascinated by them?  We also got a little carried away with cotton candy and popcorn. Poor Alexander, his stomach just couldn't handle it and was up all night sick to his stomach. I was worried it was the flu but he is back to himself again. But it's David now who is down for the count. Lysol has been sprayed, bedding washed and we are stocked up on OJ.

I missed my happiness is post so I will catch up next week. I am going to do one last check on all my boys and then it's lights out for me. I'm beyond exhausted. I'd do it all over again still!  Have a fun and safe weekend!

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