December 18, 2013

Happiness is ______ {Week 28} #happinessis

It is almost the end of the year.  And even though I haven't done this every week, this is one of my favorite post to share with everyone.  Sending a very big thank you to Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting, for starting this and sharing your happiness with me!  What a year it has been!

Happiness is busting out the football in the empty parking lot.  Just because.  Sometimes you just have to say yes.  After a long day of the boys asking for every cool toy they saw, and getting lots of no answers, a little family football in the parking lot was something we could all agree on!  They are still talking about it! 

Happiness is knowing that this girl is safe and on the mend.  This sweet girl is Lori.  I took her photo a few weeks back to see if we could help find her  forever home.  A week later, she was attacked by the dogs she was living with.  She is now a few houses down and safe with my friend.  I just saw her today and I could have cried at how happy she was!   Im so glad she is where she is, because she is alive.  And that is happiness!

Happiness is Hot Wheels.  The boys have found other things to be obsessed over now, so we are packing these babies up.  For now.  Some of these are cars that David played with when he was young.  I am pretty sure they won't stay packed up for long.  But I can only handle stepping on one thing or the other Cars or Legos.   And word has it Santa was asked for nothing but legos, so....

Happiness is a day long adventure with the hubby.  Spend the day checking out timeshares, then after a quick stop at Bucees and a little Christmas shopping he took me to see a movie.  We need more of these nights.

Happiness is finding a box full of memories.  Our old Disney name tags, pins and a box full of love letters! Does this man not have beautiful handwriting?  I used to beg him back in high school to write to me because I love it so much!  Its crazy to see how far we have come since these days.  How much we have been though.  But reading through these letters took me right back to being a lovesick teen!  Love it!

Happiness is Minecraft.  My boys are obsessed!  Legos and Minecraft its pretty much all they talk about these days!

Got Happiness?  Share it! Stop my Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what brought happiness to others this week!  

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