October 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: October 21st

Things are about to change in my kitchen.  Over the last year, I have fallen out of love with cooking and I realized today just how much I miss is.  Truth is, my kitchen just isn't the same with out him.  My Dad. Cooking was something he inspired me to do.  He was an amazing and creative cook.  He would send me recipes that he thought I would like or suggestions and ideas of foods to try that were within my doctors recommendations.  He loved to cook, he loved to eat and most of all he loved to cook with his kids.  And I miss spending the summers in the kitchen with him.  Then I realized what is missing most in my kitchen.  My boys.  I have been so busy cooking for them, that I haven't been cooking with them.  So I talked with them about it and we came up with a plan.  They each picked one day.  Mondays for Alexander and Thursdays for Anthony.  Sunday dinners are going to be a family effort and hopefully we can get David in there too.  They are going to pick out a dinner then help me make and serve it.  And the other one will help me clean up afterwards!  Sounds fair right?  We are all excited.  And they have already picked out their meals.

So here is what we are gonna be cooking up this week!

Monday (Alexs night)
If we are able to make it to the store after practice, we will have hot dogs and chips.  First he asked for his usual chicken and rice...again!  I will eat something lighter for dinner.  I am NPO (fasting) after 8.  So hopefully I remember to eat something before or at practice.

Talk about a hectic day.  I have my scans in the morning.  Hopefully we will fit in some lunch afterwards, because I will be hungry!  David has an appointment that afternoon and as soon as we get home we will be turning around and heading out to Anthonys soccer game.  My vote is on picking up subway on the way home.  But we will see.  If anything, we will have sandwiches when we get home.

Practice again tonight.  But I am determined to do some real cooking this week, so I will have Beef and Sweet Potato Stew cooking away in the crock pot.  It should still be warm by the time we get back.  Lets just hope it tastes good too!  Ill probably have some brown rice on the side too.

Thursday (Anthonys night)
Pizza.  He is super excited about this. Not sure what kind of Pizza he will be making but he promised it was going to be really good.  Now I'm excited about this :)

Left overs.  But just in case there is nothing left by then I will make Salt and Pepper Chops, Potatoes and Salad. 

Baked fish, with macaroni and broccoli. I know we are all going to be tired, so I figured I would keep it super quick and easy!

Sunday (Family night)
Chicken Parmesan with Cesar salad and crusty bread.  Alex also picked this one, I think mostly because it was a video.  After he watched this one, he asked to watch more recipe videos. David is a bit of a Chicken Parm snob, so hopefully this will be a thumbs up from him.  Stay tuned!

So that about sums it up for the week.  In the blink of an eye, my week of home cooked and healthy meals, turned into half processed junk and the other half new recipes.  Its going to be interesting!  

What is on your menu this week?  Do your little ones help in the kitchen?  I would love some more recipes that are easy for the little chefs to help prepare.   Happy Monday y'all!


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