October 16, 2013

Happiness is ______ {Week 23} #happinessis

Happiness is a boy who is greeted at the bus stop by his dog.  Poncho has been such a blessing to our family. Usually its to hot to go out but this day it was pretty breezy and he was begging to go with me.  He actually dug in the box where his leash was so I had to take him!


Happiness is seeing how far my little man has come.  Two and a half years of speech has paid off.  Watching him walk down the hall knowing it was the last time he was going to class was bittersweet, but he is going to rock Kinder next year!


Happiness is a new foster puppy.  Boy the house has been fun with a baby in the house again.  Notice the rug bunched up.  The dogs were running around like maniacs.  Clearly Little Bit here wore her self out.  She loves to sleep. With anyone willing to cuddle.  Anywhere. Anytime!




Happiness is the winter weather rolling in. Its getting cooler and darker earlier.  Before we know it, practice will be completely in the dark.  There is something magic about watching them play under the field lights!  Love it!


Happiness is the rain we have had the past few days and how it makes everything grow big and strong.  Like my Papayas.  And the Bird of Paradise that is growing underneath it!

IMAG0777    IMAG0861

Happiness is abundant in my life.  I am so very blessed.  Stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what others are sharing this week!  What has made you happy lately?


  1. The rain HAS been crazy, hasn't it? And the weather.. ahhh... thank goodness. Thrilled to be able to BREATHE again, and not feel like I'm in an oven and baking. I'm not ready for it to get dark so soon, yet. I like playtime outside after school :)

    1. We sure needed the rain! I don't mind the heat, the sun just seems brighter here! LOL But for some reason Im getting really excited about the cold.