September 3, 2013

We are growing things!

I have big dreams of having a garden.  With all the veggies I could possible think of.  My grandma had an amazing garden.  My sister had one too.  But me?  As much as I would love one, the truth is, I kill things more than I grow them.  I have managed to grow a few bunches of green onions in the kitchen.  And the one avocado that I finally got to grow was eaten by a certain dog.  Just my luck!

So when the papaya seeds that my mom mixed in an old planter started to grow, I was sure they would curl up and die after a few days.  But, they keep growing.  And growing.  What used to be one tiny green leaf  poking though the soil, now looks like this!  And if all goes well I could be sharing the fruits of my labor in as little as 6-10 months!


And I also have another avocado coming in. I wonder how long this little guys will last?!  Did you know that when grown from a seed, it can take 7-15 years before it will produce fruit!  Maybe I can keep it in a pot for now.  And eventually put it in the ground when it gets much bigger.  


What will we attempt to grow next?  I have managed to keep my bird of paradise plant alive for a few months now.  I also just realized that there is a papaya plant growing right next to it and I have no idea how the heck that happened.

Have you grown anything lately?  What is your favorite thing growing in your garden? Or do you have black thumbs like me?

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  1. So jelly about the avocado one...what I would give to have my own avocado tree :D Congrats!