September 30, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Septemer 30th

OK I don't know about many of you but am I the only one seeing their grocery bills go up?  We are a one income family.  I have a chronic illness and lots of medical cost.  My boys, get sick when someone in Africa sneezes. Plus they are growing and so are their appetites!  I have a budget and I stick to it but man is it getting tight.  I'm looking for more frugal dinner ideas but for now, here is whats on our menu.

Meatless Monday. Or what I like to call, the I really need to go grocery shopping but I don't really want to dinner. Pancakes and eggs it is.  Plus we have soccer practice tonight so this will be super easy to cook up after we get home!

Baked Chicken with stuffing and salad.  Does anyone have a fool proof homemade stuffing recipe?  I have to admit that the only other stuffing I have ever liked beside the box stuff is Dads stuffing and he kept all his recipes in his head and not on paper.

Practice again today so lets keep it simple.  Sausage, rice and corn. Not at all the healthiest of dinners, but its quick, easy and so yummy!  Just cook up some sausage, add in some corn and once that is all heated throw in some cooked rice. My mother in law taught me this and everyone I've made it for has made it for someone else!  Just sharing the love :)

Ham served with mashed potatoes and salad.  I try to make one big meal each week.  That way we can have leftovers or make another dish from them.  If anything a good lunch.  Ham sandwiches...mmmm.

Leftovers or tacos.  My guess is that there will be plenty of ham left, but just in case, tacos it is.  Another quick and easy dinner to kick of the weekend.  Because who really wants to start the weekend off slaving in the kitchen?  Not I!!

Anyone have any cheap dinners they would like to share with me?  I'm always looking for new recipes!  If you are looking for some you should stop by Menu Plan Monday and see what others are cooking up this week!  I am about to do the same!  Happy Monday:)

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