August 30, 2013

Friday 5: Five dogs looking for a forever home!

Update!  All these dogs were adopted or no longer available.

Its finally Friday.  And even better, its a 3 day weekend for most of us.  A time to be spend time with friends and family and enjoy life.  You know what would make life a lot more fun?  A dog!  Not any dog, but one that could really use some of that time with friends and family.  So today I am going to share 5 dogs who are waiting to be adopted!

Starting off with my girl Letty who is being fostered by my friend and neighbor, so I get to hang out with this girl a lot.  I'm lucky like that!  She is a Staffordshire Terrier Mix and is such a sweet girl!  She is 5 months old and growing.  Letty is great with other dogs.  I know her foster mom would like her to go to a home with other dogs to play with because she LOVES to play.  She learning how to walk nice on a leash.  And she has got to be the softest dog I have ever laid hands on.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested please email or let me know.  Her ID # is 254184.

Lets find Letty a home!!

Next up is Kaylee!  Can I just say that I have no idea why this girl is still waiting.  If you have followed my dog adventures, you know that I am a foster for the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue.   I head out just about every Saturday to the Adoption events and week after week, there is Kaylee.  Spilling her water bowl or chilling in the dog pool!  Seriously if I was going to adopt another, I would take her home in a heartbeat! She is a fawn Mastiff. Kaylee has been spayed and is up to date on all her shots.  The rescue does do home visits for the big guys and girls.  It takes only about 20-30 minutes and is just to make sure the family is ready and the home is prepared for a large breed dog.

This guy here is King.  Hes is one of the newer guys listed on the Rescues Adoptable list so I have yet to meet him.  But isn't he handsome.  King is a Great Dane.  And at 18 months old he is one big puppy!  


URGENT!  This guy is named Larry.  I came across him on a Facebook page that I follow.  He is a puppy with a deadline.  At only 8ish months, he is not even promised tomorrow.  Larry like many other dogs in the Brooks City Base Shelter here in San Antonio are going to be euthanized if no one steps up for them.  Even if you can only foster Larry you will be giving him a chance to live!  

URGENT!!  Meet Luna.  A Lab/Staff mix.  Shelter staff guess she is a year and a half old.  And just like Larry, she is sitting on death row waiting for her Knight in shining armor.  All though I don't thing she really cares what you are wearing, as long as you save her. She will love you for the rest of her life!  

San Antonio has a serious stray dog problem.  And the shelters here are always overflowing.  I just don't understand it.  There are so many programs that offer free or cheap spay and neuters.  It seems like every day someone is tossing a dog on the highway or leaving a box full of puppies on the side of the road.  Its just heartbreaking.  So hopefully today lives will be saved.  More lives than yesterday and the day before.  If you are not ready to add to your pack, why not foster?  Or if not foster, please share!


  1. i would take kaylee or larry in a heartbeat :) I wish I was closer to you or just had buttloads of money to adopt them

  2. ha! this is Berta posting under my daughter's account apparently whoops lol

  3. I love Kaylee. If she's still there when I get back from Shreveport, I'd love to take a look at her!

  4. Kaylee was adopted! BUT! On the 14 and 15th this month, they are having a mega adoption event and will have so many other dogs that will be looking for their forever families! Are you looking for a specific breed? Not all the dogs are up on the website as they take in a crazy # of dogs each week, so if you are looking for a specific furry friend, please let me know and I will see if I can help!