July 2, 2013

Pearsall Dog Park

If you know me or have been following me even for a short time, you know I love my family and that includes my dogs.  I have always been an animal lover, but dogs, I just love them all.  And just as we are always on the look out for the next park to take the boys to, we love going to the dog park too.  Last Sunday we packed up all 3 dogs and headed out to our new favorite park.  We even invited friends who brought 2 of their dogs.  The more the merrier!

You know you are at a good spot when the bathrooms are before the front gate.  Who wants to stop playing because they have to go.  Apparently not these boys, because they have to pee on EVERYTHING! And still go again on the way out just to drive the next guy coming in nuts!

Pearsall Dog Hydrants

And I love the paws on the gates.  I don't know why, but they make me happy.  Like a high 5 or a hello and good bye! 

Pearsall DP6

And after a quick reminder and very important yet disturbing news, its time to play!! 

Pearsall Dog Park Bags     Pearsall Dog Park Plank
And there is plenty of room to play!  Look at all that grass.  I love it.  And so did the dogs.  It was just like the yard, but much bigger!  And it wasn't so crowded which was a big plus too.  There is a bunch of regulars there though.  Everyone knows everyone.  The dogs made friends.  The first time we went Poncho ran like the wind!  Its nice to see him get some speed. Man can he run!   
Pearsall Dog Park San Antonio, TX 

Chico was much interested in chasing the other dogs around.  Poncho climbed a few times, but after that and a few laps around the park he was wore out.  Next time I have to remember to take some treats and see if I can get him to run the course!  Not sure he will fit in the tunnel.

Pearsall Dog Park San Antonio, TX

Got dogs?  How often do you visit the dog park?  Which is your favorite and why?  We love Tom Slick Dog Park too but the dogs just love all the grass here!

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