July 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday July 22-28

Last week I said I was going to stop assigning meals to days because I never stick to them anyways. TRUE! I did pretty well, but then we had leftovers one day and that threw the whole schedule off. Want to know what didn't get made?  The Hawaiian Beef!I don't know why that meal gets skipped 3 weeks in a row. Probably because I'm not supposed to be eating beef.  Changing it up this week.  But the other 2 recipes will roll over.  How did I manage to skip 3 meals anyways?

So tonight we are having Pizza.  David is on an earlier schedule and the boys don't know it yet, but its time to start going to bed earlier.  So we are keeping it easy.  It's really weird seeing Davids face before dinner time. And before I go see his face some more, here is the line up for the rest of the week.

Mamas Supper Club Tilapia Swai.  I used to eat tilapia like it was going out of style.  Then my dad told me a story and even though I can't remember exactly what it was, I cringe every time I see it in the store.  And so he introduced me to Swai.  Its nice and light.  And much less muddy tasting than tilapia.

I love The Pioneer Womans Sloppy Joe recipe.  The only thing I will ever change is that I used ground turkey instead of beef.  I cant believe I ever liked that Manwich stuff.  This is so much better!

I'm going to take the skirt steaks I bought and try these Carne Asada Tacos.  They look yummy and pretty simple even if the ingredients list is sorta long.  I will have to cut the jalapeno though.  The boys and I, OK I am a little afraid of the heat.  I'm working on it though, maybe I will add just a half. Maybe!  Of course we will have to have spanish rice and beans with this too.  And salad.

I still have boneless chops with I think I will bread and bake them.  I'm am craving sweet potatoes so we will have some either mashed or fries.  And maybe a veggie gratin.  I guess I will figure that out after I see whats at the store.

I would like to BBQ this weekend.  So that's chicken, mac salad, potato salad and corn...fingers crossed the weather is nice

What are yall cooking up this week??

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