June 28, 2013

Friday 5: Reasons why you should foster a dog.

Foster Great Dane
P-Dog and Lex.  Best buds!
Have you been to your local Animal Shelter lately?  I remember the very first time we went, I came home and cried. We had walked by rows and rows of kennels with dogs just begging to get out.  Others were so scared they wouldn't even look at us.  It broke my heart.  On the way out, I overheard a worker say something about a dog that was on the euthanasia list and I had no idea what they were talking about.  See, growing up on a tiny little island has a few cons.  Like having no idea that some shelters kill hundreds of dogs a day.  All because no one stood up for them and loved them enough to keep them.

Yesterday we brought home our second foster dog.  I guess technically I should say third, because Poncho was a foster for a whole 2 days before we knew he was going to be part of the family.  Our first was Haiku. A beautiful female Husky. David has always wanted a Husky and she just looked so sad in her kennel, so we brought her home.  A week later she was adopted. Now we have a 8 month old Dane named Bruce Wayne.  He is just a ball of energy.  Tail always wagging and hes always up to no good.  Yes, I got all of that from just a few hours with him.  He is currently barking at the TV and then running and hiding.  He was afraid to come inside the house.  He was an outside dog. Poor boy.

Fostering is not easy by any means.  But it is completely worth it.  Would you foster a dog from the shelter? Here are 5 reasons why you should.

  1. You will safe more than one life.  So many of our kennels are filled to the max.  And when there is no more room, more dogs are put to sleep or turned away even.  By fostering, you open up on more kennel.  Saving not only one but two or more lives.  
  2. Getting the chance to learn more about the many breeds of dogs.  David has always said he wanted a Husky, but after having one for a week, he sees that it just isn't the dog for him. (I told him so)  I would love one of every dog, so fostering will be a way for me to meet many breeds.  No sure what type of dog you want?  Try fostering one, getting to know the breed and all that come with it.  
  3. Already have a dog or a few?  Dogs need to be socialized.  Think of it as an extended sleep over!  Your dogs will love having someone new to play with.  And the foster dog will be extra thankful to have someone to play with too!
  4. Have kids?  They will benefit from fostering too!  How?  Not only will they get a new playmate, but they will get to learn more about being compassionate and lending a helping hand.  We lead by example.  When they see us trying to do better, they will want to do the same.
  5. When your foster dog goes to his forever home you will have played a part in saving their life and helping them find a home where they will be part of a family.  Yes, it will be sad but you will soon see that what you did is amazing.  You stepped up for a dog who needed a hero.  You gave them comfort and love when no one else would.  You gave them a chance to life a longer happier life.  That is an awesome feeling!  

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