April 19, 2013

Not so vintage...

Day 19 (April 19) – Vintage 
Post a vintage photo of yourself, with a captain about the photo and where you were in terms of your health condition.
(I know its not very vintage, but in the timeline of my illness, I think it fits)

Alexander and I Halloween 2009
Exactly one year earlier, I walked around the neighborhood with my oldest son. I was 4 months pregnant and all I could think about was that no one knew if this was going to be my last Halloween.  I had just been diagnosed with Budd Chiari Syndrome and told I was going to be placed on the liver transplant wait list.  My Drs told me that they were unsure of how my body or my baby were going to handle the next 5 months.  I had even had one suggest I terminate the pregnancy to better my chances at surviving.  I was never a big Halloween fan, until that first year.  And every year since has been a milestone for me. One I usually kept to myself.  Every year it is just another reminder of how far I have come and gives me hope for the future.

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