February 25, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 2/25-3/2

Last week things didn't go quite as planned.  I'm finding a hard time planning meals day by day. Something comes up and I get a late start or I'm not feeling well and meals move to different days.  But hopefully I have it all figured out this week.  We will see.

Monday - Spaghetti. Salad. Crusty Bread. 
Tuesday - Spanish Rice and Chicken.  Beans.  Tortillas.
Wednesday - Chicken Patties.  Mashed Potatoes.  Corn.
Thursday - Tacos.  Avocado Salad.
Friday - Panko Crusted Salmon.  Sweet Potato Fries.  Green Beans. 
Saturday - Creole Sausage.  Red Beans and Rice.  Salad.

Mondays and Wednesdays are a little crazy.  Alexander has speech in the middle of the day and even though I have no idea why that seems to throw the whole day off.  So I try to keep it pretty easy one those days.  I think I will try spaghetti squash for myself instead of pasta though.  

Fridays is our no meat day (Lent) so Thursday I am making tacos since that is pretty easy and I don't usually have leftovers.  Last week I had two days of very tasty and very meaty leftovers sitting in my fridge on Friday and I kept almost eating them.  We will have salads and egg salad sandwiches for lunch.

And I've also added in Saturday.  Because lets face it.  It is so easy to just grab a quick bite for lunch and then make an unplanned visit to Peter Pipers Pizza and eat more than you should have.  True Story.  And then today, well, lets just say I didn't cook today either.  The good news is, my ankle is feeling better and so I will be starting up my C25K again tomorrow.

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