February 6, 2013

Happiness is_________{Week 5} #happinessis

There was plenty of happiness to go around this week.  The 2nd was my nephew Aidans Birthday. The 4th was my nephew Zacharys Birthday and the 5th was our 9th anniversary.

To celebrate, David took me out to dinner that the Chart House, which sits way up in the Tower of the Americas.  If you have ever been to San Antonio, you know what that is.  Its the Texas "space needle".  I ate till I couldn't eat any more and then we walked around a bit before going home.  I went straight to bed!

We had dinner up there and watched the city go by!

Yesterday was Davids last day so we decided to take the boys out and discover a new park that we saw while out running errands.  It was more or a field with a few semi-paved walking trails.  But anywhere new is always an adventure and lots of fun.

CulebraCreek1 CulebraCreek3

Timing our breaks, making sure we didn't stop for to long.  Yes! Drill Sargent!

CulebraCreekTrail CulebraCreekParkBall3

The giant metal half soccer ball that everyone had fun climbing on.


  1. Haha I love the picture of your little one checking his watch. Too cute!

  2. Wow what beautiful pictures! I love that one where he is standing on the rock with his arms up. You get the sky.

    It looks like such a great time!

    1. Thank You! Nothing better than a beautiful sunset to close the day!