January 7, 2013

Oh Monday...

Vacation is officially over and now its back to reality.  Two weeks off was so nice.  The best part was David had 2 long weekends and that always makes things so much better.  I love having him home.  I'm not sure what got it to the man the past few weeks but he has declared that 2013 is going to be my year.  So far he has taken me out shopping, to lunch, made reservations for our anniversary dinner and even did my laundry last night.  Now if only he could make it home for bath and bed times...

This morning was cold.  But the sunrise was amazing, so I got over it really quick.  David took me to the transplant clinic to do my blood work.  I will call tomorrow and get my results and my updated MELD score.  We stopped for breakfast on our way home.   It was weird only having one boy with us.  I kept thinking I forgot Anthony somewhere along the way.   As soon as we got home David was back out the door and on his way to work.  Alex insisted I lay down on my bed and play games and I wasn't about to say no to that.  We spent the afternoon just chilling before he left me to play in his room.  The house is so quiet.

I have a few minuets before my alarm goes off to remind me that I need to go to the bus stop.  I will snooze it and get ready and then head out when it goes off again.  Every time.  Although considering I am in my pajamas and I look like Ive been drained of all my blood...oh wait, I was!  I better get an early start so that I don't get mistaken for a zombie as I walk to the bus stop.

Home made sloppy joes for dinner tonight.  Who's coming?!

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