January 23, 2013

Happiness is _______ {Week 3} #happinessis

I almost completely forgot today was even Wednesday!  These long weekends throw me off every time.  And today was just one of those days.  Jam packed, hectic and all around exhausting.  But I still managed to get a few shots of happiness in today.

I woke up feeling like my cold was coming back.  Not good.  Got up and got lunches made.  Woke up Ant and got dressed to go to the bus stop.  Oh wait, whats for breakfast?  Mom fail!  Here I was rushing my kid out the door to school and forgetting only the most important meal of the day.  But he saved me.  Telling me he really just wanted to eat his cheerios on the way and that would be perfect!  Bless his heart!

When I got back home I told myself to stay up and get things done around the house since we would be out all afternoon.  So what did I do?  I crawled back in bed and fell asleep.  I woke up at 10:30.  10:30!  That left me with an hour to myself and Alex ready before my mother in law got there to take us up to the school for Speech.  I was flustered by the time we were pulling up to the school.  Actually, I was plucking the overgrown weeds that were my eyebrows.  But, then I saw this!

My sons teacher is Teacher of the year.  His love for school has only grown this year.  And he is always telling me just how great she is. 

After speech we headed to the hospital.  My blood work came back crazy last week.  My INR was 1.4 which is to low for me, seeing as I already have a tendency to clot.  So I raised my blood thinners and went back for more labs today.  They should be in by the time I get to my appointment tomorrow afternoon.


So whats so happy about the hospital and more needles? Today as we were walking back to the car we ran into my hematologist.  His office often has other patients who have cancer or are going though chemo, so I don't ever bring the boys with me.  After treating me though my pregnancy, Alex is now 4 and he finally got to see him!  Dr. H has been amazing during this whole journey.  Always trying to make things easier.  Always asking about the boys and the family.  He has just been great.  And for him to finally see the Alex made me happy!
After the hospital, it was straight home to start dinner and then go to the bus stop.  I helped Anthony get his homework started.  By the time I was taking the ribs our of the oven he was complaining of starvation.  You know what else makes me happy?  Watching my almost vegetarian son chow down 3 servings of ribs. Even if the other kid who usually eats meat like his life depends on it, ate next to nothing!  You win some, you lose some.  


After a long night of talking with my sisters, lots of whining and brotherly fighting love I just wanted to go to bed.  But before I did, I figured I would bust out this treasure.  It was given to us kids a few years back for Christmas.  My Grandmas cookbook and some stories told by my dad and my aunts. I'm still have quite a few recipes to go though and make, but when in doubt, I always fall back on Grandmas Banana Bread.


**OK I just took the bread out and its stuck to the bottom of the pan.  I know I floured it, but like I said, its just been one of those days!  At least the house smells good :)**

What has made you happy this week?  Stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what others are happy about!  And don't forget to come back again next week.  Much love!


  1. Ribs sound delicious! Too funny that your kids switched eating habits today. My munchkin is very picky too. Must be awesome to have such a special book :) And hopefully even if the bread was stuck to the bottom some might be saved and yummy.

  2. What a beautiful day. There were so many things that made you happy! I thought your son saying it was okay to take his cereal in the car was absolutely precious. He sounds like an amazing boy! That would definitely make me happy!

    Knowing my son is being taught by the best in the school - well, that would make me happy too! Bravo to her!

    And also Bravo to having a doctor who cares. So rare, isn't it? I am glad that you have first class care. That would definitely make me happy!